Want to know how to Teach your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night in 5 Days?
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Awesome , easy to follow, step by step videos showing you how to teach your puppy to sleep through the night and nap happily in the day!

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Knowing where to start when you bring your new puppy home can be really stressful, especially when you have to focus on toilet training, introducing them to family members and other pets, stopping them biting the children all at the same time. Not to mention how to get through the dreaded first night . . . 

The bottom line is, if you have a puppy and you need sleep, this 5 Day Challenge is made exactly for you!
"This challenge was a life saver and turned our very noisy night time puppy into a sound sleeper in 2 nights!"

I literally can't recommend it enough. All the  video lessons are so valuable and life changing. I wish we had known about them when our pup was 8 weeks old.

~ Caroline & Marla

What if Teaching your Puppy to Sleep through the Night really is easier than you think?

  • Watch a lesson a day.
  • Easy to follow and replicate at home with your puppy.
  • Family friendly training so everyone can be part of the puppy adventure.
  • Clear, step by step guidance ensuring AMAZING results.
  • Tried and tested with hundred of puppies.
  • Positive reward training teaching your puppy to think for themselves.

It really is simple when you know how!

You don't need to survive on lack of sleep any more because this challenge will help you
and your puppy!
The 5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge will help you teach your puppy to . . .
1. LOVE THE CRATE.       

A positive introduction makes it the most amazing place for your puppy to be.

2. Nap happily in the
day time.

No more being on puppy watch 24-7. Establishing a day time routine is crucial.


Being happy in their own company and settle themselves is a valuable skill for life.

Only £17
Student Success Stories

We empower puppy owners just like you to give every puppy the best start so they can become Happy Hounds for Life!

"I can't believe how quickly Eden accepted the crate and how much she LOVES being in there."

Before I even finished the preparation lesson, I had already learnt so much and I knew we would make good progress.

~ Jo & Eden

"I am AMAZED how simple the process of introducing the crate was when you watch it step by step!"

Following this training made the first few weeks with my puppy so much easier than I ever imagined it would be, now I struggle to wake him up.

~Rob & Morse

We've all been where you are . . . struggling with lack of sleep due to your puppy whining/barking and not settling on their own!

We could charge so much more for this unbelievably valuable content but we know how frustrating it is to be stuck and really want to help you today ....

After purchase, you'll get instant access to the preparation for the challenge video and will be able to download the Challenge Workbook. Then every day for 5 days you will receive a video lesson for you to implement right away so you can take action and see positive results immediately with your puppy!

Imagine being able to . . . 

Get jobs done throughout the day whilst your puppy naps.

Leave your puppy alone safely knowing they are calm and relaxed when you're not there.

Sleep soundly through the night with no whining or barking even at 8/9 weeks old.

  Leave the house without needing someone to watch the puppy as they will be happy in their own company.

Sleep in your own bed at night whilst your puppy sleeps happily in their crate downstairs.

Sounds too good to be true right? Implement everything we teach you in our 5 day challenge and ALL of this will be a reality!

Who is the 5 Day Challenge for?

Anyone with a puppy that is . . . 

- soon to arrive. 

- 8 weeks old and just coming to join the family.

- Struggling to settle on their own.

- Slightly older and still not sleeping through the night yet.

-Waking up and barking during the night.

If you are ready for a good nights sleep . . .

This Sleep Challenge was made for you!

Are you the kind of person who...

Wants the best for your puppy.

Wants to give your puppy the best start in life.

Is ready to take action today.

Has looked elsewhere and still not found the answers you and your puppy need.

Wants your puppy to grow up to be confident, relaxed and happy in all situations.

If you've said "YES" To any of , then you are in the right place today!

It's time to say "YES" and join the challenge!
Meet the Coaches

"Teaching puppies to sleep well has such a positive impact on so many areas of their training and it really is our speciality so join us today to see what it's all about!"

Louise and Rachel
Louise and Rachel have worked together for many years, helping owners to settle in their puppies to their new homes with ultimate success. Their unique approach to establishing a routine is revolutionary and has gained phenomenal results over the years leading to many pups becoming Happy Hounds for Life.
But wait, there's more!
Special Limited Bonus!

Get the Challenge Workbook thrown in for FREE today!

Order today and you'll also get the Challenge Workbook which includes:

Planning and progress sheets

Toileting Log Sheet

Day time and night time routine logs


Keeps you on track as you go through the challenge!

Let's Recap... Here's Everything You're Getting Today!
The 5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge is the perfect way to teach your puppy to sleep!

5 Daily Video lessons with real life puppy video footage.

A daily email with extra reading and resources to keep you on track.

Challenge workbook with handy progress tracker sheets .

Step by step, easy to follow training for phenomenal results.

Join the challenge today for only £47 £17! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if the 5 Day Sleep Challenge is right for you?

  • When do I get access to the challenge?
    Instantly! As soon as you purchase you can get started. Each day a new lesson is released to you.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the nature of this challenge, the content included and the ridiculously reasonable price, there is no refund available but our support is personal and second to none. We will help you get the results with your puppy.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes! If you would like to recommend our courses, please contact us as we offer 30% commissions on all referrals.
  • What if I'm not sure if this challenge will work for my puppy?
    I understand... but at roughly £3 a day for a good nights sleep, what have you got to lose?

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