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Everything you need to know about separation anxiety.

The symptoms you might see.

How to introduce the safe space and teach your dog to be happy alone.

Is your dog struggling to cope when you are not around?
You are in the right place!
Do you wish you knew how to teach them it is OK to be left alone?
The good news is, we can help you today!
See what it is all about!
Who is Happy Alone for?

For any dog struggling to be left alone for long or short periods.

For young dogs who have never been exposed to time on their own due to Covid and everyone being home.

For anyone coming home to mess or destruction in the house.

Happy Alone was made for you!

Does your dog . . .

Whine, howl or bark in your absence?

Destroy household items or furniture?

Like to be with you at all times and not let you out of sight.

Show signs of distress when they are not with you.

Occasionally mess in the house when they are usually house trained?

Only settle when you are in the house with them?

If you've said "YES" To any of , then you are exactly who the Happy Alone lesson is for!
It's time to say "YES" and join!

Equipping you with all you need to train your dog to be happy and relaxed when left alone. 

Learn about what separation anxiety is and how it might be affecting your dog today.

In the lesson you will learn:

  • all about separation anxiety and what it might look like for your dog.
  • all the things you can put in place immediately to help your dog.
  • how to train your dog to be happy alone.

This lesson will not be free for long so enrolled today to get started right
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