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The Stress Free Happy Hound Course!

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Everything you need to know about preventing and treating separation anxiety in your dog.

Learn all about the immediate and long term treatment that needs to happen.

Discover all the triggers that cause your dog to be anxious and learn how to remove them and reduce their affect.

Teach your dog how to be calm and relaxed when left alone.

Learn lots of ways to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.

Learn how you can teach a bombproof recall so your dog can have the off lead exercise they need.

Over haul your lead walking so they walk beautifully on a loose lead, engaged with you and less reactive to things in the environment.

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If your dog is showing signs of distress, no matter how severe and are struggling to cope when you are not around . . . 
Then Stress Free Happy Hound is just for you!
Do you . . . 

Have reports of your dog barking, whining or howling in your absence?

Come back to toileting accidents in the house when your dog is normally house trained?

Find doorways, skirtings or furniture are getting chewed or destroyed?

See signs of distress as you are getting ready to leave such as panting or pacing, potentially even self harming through excessive licking.

Does your dog follow you around the house and like to be at your side or in sight all the time?

You don't need to worry anymore because your problem is almost solved!

Stress Free Happy Hound Will Help You and your Dog Today ....
Benefit #1

Learn how to prevent the problem getting any worse and put things in place to begin to see results immediately.

Benefit #2

You will learn how to undo all the negative behaviours that come with separation anxiety so your dog can be calm and happy alone.

Benefit #3

You will learn how to mentally and physically stimulate your dog so they are no longer anxious and can be a relaxed and stress free happy hound for life.

Student Success Stories

Changing lives one dog at a time!

"We were so close to rehoming our dog"

This course is life changing and has helped so much with our dogs behaviour in the home, we no longer have to think about rehoming him and he is happy to be left for short periods now which we are gradually building on .

~Mike & Henry

"The destruction has now stopped"

Amazed at how quickly we saw results once we implemented some of the tips in the course. Love the lessons, really helpful course and amazing value for money.

~Lauren & Ted

We know how hard it is to struggle with separation anxiety day in day out, not being able to leave the house for fear of what you will come home too! 

Let us make it easier for you today and help you get to the bottom of the problem!

After purchase, you'll get instant access to the course and can immediately start taking action towards a stress free happy hound!

Imagine never having to do worry about leaving your dog at home again...

never have to worry about what the neighbours will say about the relentless barking.

never have to come home to cleaning up accidents in the house after a busy day at work.

never have to come home to another destroyed piece of furniture.

never have the guilt of coming home to a distraught dog that simply cannot cope without you.

never have to worry about letting your dog off lead because your bond is so strong they will always come back to you.

When you truly dive in at get to the root of the problems with the Stress Free Happy Hound Course, we can help you work through all these troublesome behaviours so your dog no longer needs to stress and worry any more and they can enjoy a STRESS FREE DOGS LIFE!

Who is Stress Free Happy Hound for?

Is your dog is showing even just a few of the early signs of separation anxiety?

Is your dog is showing signs of distress in your absence?

Does your dog follow you round the house wanting you in sight at all times?

If you have been holding back wondering whether anything can be done to help your dog ...

If you have said, "Maybe, but I'm not sure I've got what it takes to train my dog..."

If you are ready to help your dog break free from anxiety so they can live the rest of their life stress free.

Stress Free Happy Hound was made for you!

Are you the kind of person who...

Instinctively put the needs of your dog above your own

Has felt there must be a way to help your dog be stress free

Takes incredible action when you know how to

Has tried watching help videos online but haven't found the results you seek

Desires a life that is calm and stress free for you and your dog

Believes in yourself and your dog to change for the better

If you've said "YES" To any of , then you are exactly who we love to help on our Stress Free Happy Hound Course!
It's time to say "YES" and join!
Meet the Creators

"We live and breathe dogs and love to turn their lives around for the better"

Louise and Rachel
We have worked together for years, filming ours dogs, training others and creating lessons and courses to help people just like you!

Our passion is to make the world a better place for dogs by helping people give them the very best start in life and to help those who have formed anxieties about the world. We believe every dog can and deserves to be a Stress Free Happy Hound for Life.

All our filming and courses are done in real life families and situations so you can see first hand how it's done and how you easily replicate at home with your dog for simply stunning results!

We look forward to working with you and your dog.

Louise and Rachel

What's Inside Stress Free Happy Hound?

Stress Free Happy Hound is a complete online course where you will work through all the issues associated to separation anxiety. We will look at all the triggers to behaviours and show you how step by step teach your dog to be happy alone and live a life free of stress anxiety.

Step 1
All About Separation Anxiety

We will look at what it is, why it happens and what symptoms might be associated with it.

Step 2
Immediate Treatment Plan

There are a whole host of things you can action and put in place TODAY to start getting positive results immediately.

Step 3
Long Term Treatment Plan

We dive right into the nitty gritty of what needs to change for the long term and how these changes affect your dogs behaviour. 

We also introduce settling techniques and teaching them to settle on command.

Step 4
Mental Stimulation

This module is packed full of useful and important basic commands that will literally transform your communication with your dog and their bond with you.

When the dogs brain is engaged with learning their emotional brain is not active so they are not able to be anxious! 

Step 5
Physical Stimulation

We look at why physical stimulation is SO important in the treatment plan and show you how to have the bombproof recall you have always longed for and how to make walking on the lead a dream.

Step 6
Games to Make it Fun

This module is constantly being added to and contains games and tricks to continue to make life fun and continue to strengthen the bond with your dog!

Imagine a life where your dog is calm and relaxed and no longer worries or is anxious when you are not around!
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if Stress Free Happy Hound is right for you?

  • When do I get access to the course?
    Instantly! As soon as you purchase...
  • How long do I have access to the content of the course for?
    You have LIFETIME access to the course and all the future updates are included for free. We are regularly updating and adding to all of our courses.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the nature of the course and having immediate access to the lessons and all future updates we do not offer a refund policy. But that is why we price all our courses so reasonably so you will absolutely not be disappointed.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    We do have an affiliate program coming very soon where you be able to receive 30% commission for all referrals to this course. Email me if you are interested in the mean time.
  • What if I struggle with anything in the course?
    We are real people, here to support you to get the very best results with your dog. All you have to do is reach out via email or messenger and we will be there to give extra support.
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Imagine if your dog no longer had to worry when you are not around . . .

no more destruction.

no more stressful holidays leaving them behind.

no more barking, howling and whining.

no more worrying about your dog when you are out at work or socialising.

no more dreading what you will come home too.

no more highly strung following and eyes on you at all time of the day.

no more stress and tears.

We can help you turn your dog's behaviour around so you can have a STRESS FREE HAPPY HOUND!

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