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Everything you need to know about training your puppy from start to finish.

From mouthing to all the basic commands to a perfect recall and stress-free walks.

Have your puppy dry and sleeping through the night with no fuss.

Have them calm, confident and happy to be left alone so they fit seamlessly into family life.

Everything you need to settle in your puppy with success and train them from start to finish!
You can have the confident, calm and well-mannered family dog you have always dreamed of with this easy to follow, easy to replicate, fun online training course!
Let us help you get the absolute best out of your puppy!
Without the confusion of what to do and what not to do.

If you're looking for how to teach your puppy all the essentials ..... you likely have some of the following doubts...

Can I really have a puppy that sleeps through the night 8-10 hours and is happy to be left alone in the day so I can work and go about my day?

Perhaps you can't work out how you are going to keep your young children safe from an excitable fur ball that loves to chew and bite everything and everyone?

Not sure where to start with all the basic commands essential for good communication between you and your puppy.

A puppy with a bombproof recall in all situations is too good to be true right?

You will learn ALL of this and SO MUCH MORE, all in once place ready to work through step by step today! 

The beauty of this course is EVERYTHING is together in one place
Tried and tested positive training techniques that you can implement right now at home to get your own outstanding results and have a fabulous puppy!
Hear what our students are saying . . .
You have one chance to get it right with your puppy . . . 
With so much conflicting advice around it can be overwhelming knowing where to start but we can help you get it right from day one!
What's Inside Welcome Home Puppy?
all the tools you need to teach your puppy right through to adulthood, it almost sounds too good to be true right?!

With over 50+ easy to watch video lessons, training tips and real life scenarios, we will start from the basics and show you how to build on your puppy's education through their first year.

Module 1

Get fully prepared and your home set up for the arrival of your puppy so you can have ultimate success.

Module 2

Learn all the secrets to a calm and relaxed puppy that sleeps through the night and toilets outside.

Module 3

Learn how to approach this effectively so mouthing and chewing never becomes a big issue even with children!

Module 4

Socialising your puppy well at a young age is the key to a confident dog adaptable to all situations.

Module 5

Make walking enjoyable even from day one on a loose lead with a dog that wants to stay with you.

Module 6

All the basic commands essential for good communication and a dog that is well-mannered.

Module 7

Everything you need for a bombproof recall so you can enjoy letting your dog off lead knowing they will always return to you.

Module 8

Learn lots of fun games you can play and tricks you can teach your puppy to keep them learning and mentally stimulated too.


Real life updates of what to expect from your puppy at different milestones within their first year so you can keep on track!

Why is this Course so Amazing?

real filming to help you get real results

incredible value for money

everything you need to teach your puppy in one place

track your progress in the course

revisit lessons as and when you need to

click and watch at a time to suit you on laptop, i-pad or on the go on your phone!

what's not to love?

Meet your Course Instructors
Hi, we're Rachel and Louise, the founders of Happy Hounds for Life. We hold the secrets to raising a calm and confident puppy ...

We will show you how to bring a puppy into the chaos of family life in a way that is calm, fun and rewarding for everyone.

We believe every dog deserves to be a Happy Hound for Life and every dog can be confident, obedient, well-mannered and calm so owning a dog can be stress free and so you can have the dog you have always dreamed of!

Come behind the scenes into our two family homes to see with your own eyes how awesome your puppy can be!

We'd love you to join us in the course today!

  • step by step and easy to follow - this is real life filming showing you first hand so you can easily follow along at home to get the same fantastic results.
  • family friendly - this course is for EVERYONE but especially unique in involving the children in the training too so they can stay safe but also have lots of fun with the puppy.
  • simple positive reward training - with stunning results that make for a happy dog and a happy home!

With over 50+ easy to watch video lessons, training tips and real life scenarios, we will start from the basics and show you how to build on your puppy's education through their first year.
Get the Support You Need
Welcome Home Puppy will lay out the framework to teach your puppy all that they need to know from 8 weeks old. But what happens if you need help?

I'm so glad you asked! We want all our students to be successful, which is why included in your purchase today you can . . . 

Contact us direct at any time

Contact us direct through facebook or email if you get stuck at all.

Ask any questions you have, just ask and let's keep you on track for an amazing result with your puppy!

Have Lifetime Access to Our Student Community

It's so much more fun to share your success and go along the path with a friend! So join our community with our other students who will be motivating and helpful for you every step of the way!

Is Welcome Home Puppy right for me?
Read this if you're asking yourself the question...

"First off, if you are having behavioural issues with older dogs linked to separation anxiety, our STRESS FREE HAPPY HOUND course will be more suited to you. Our goal is to help you settle in your puppy with success and train them everything they need to know so they can be confident, relaxed and well-mannered."

"The course is also designed to take any dog right back to basics if things haven't gone to plan. Even though you might not need help with things like toilet training and mouthing, all the basic command training, bombproof recall, loose lead walking and teaching your dog to be happy alone are HUGELY VALUABLE so this course is definitely for you too."

Hear from our successful students
With hundreds of students on this course, we've heard some incredible stories!
"Truly amazing training"

Welcome Home Puppy gave me everything I needed to train my puppy who is now 18 months old. We loved the course and have learnt so much.

Have recently got my second puppy who is now 5 months and has settled in perfectly.

- Louise
"Our dog is just so calm and polite"

We loved the course and have learnt so much teaching our puppy Boris. We don't know what we would have done without it.

Boris is so calm, relaxed and such a lovely well-mannered dog. We tell anyone and everyone getting a puppy to get this course it is so fantastic.

- Tim and Ellie
"Love that it is family friendly"

The course is so easy to follow and implement at home, I love being able to access it from my phone.

I've had several dogs but since working through this course I realised how little I knew and the concepts are simply brilliant.

- Helen
"I never knew my puppy would love the crate so much"

The crate lesson was just outstanding and life changing. 

Even at 4 months old my puppy is happy to be left alone. He was sleeping through the night by night 3 and toilet training was just a doddle with this course. Highly recommend.

- Rob
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Frequently Asked Questions
About The Course
  • When does the course start and finish?
    This is an "at your own pace" course. You can start as soon as your purchase is complete and your account is created!

    And you can work through it as quickly as you'd like.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have lifetime access to the course and will also get all the future updates and new lessons that regularly get added for free.
  • How do I access the course materials?
    You'll be able to log in to your course at any time from
So just to recap everything you are getting in the course . . . 

50+ high quality video tutorials 

all you need checklist, socialisation checklist and treat recipe downloads included

all the HOT topics of puppy training covered

exclusive access to online community

round the clock support if you have further questions along the way

BONUS course hand book thrown in for FREE today.

︎   Lessons filmed in real time so you can see first hand how to do it at home.
︎  Showing you how to involve the children in the training and keep them safe too.
︎   filming is in real time so you can         see first hand for yourself how to do it!
︎   pick up, put down and watch all again from the comfort of your sofa.
How would your life be if you could . . .

  • have your puppy sleeping through the night and toilet trained in the first week with you?

  • take your dog any where with you because they were so calm and confident in new situations?

  • let your dog off lead as soon as they've had their jabs to enjoy their freedom but in the confidence they will always return to you?

  • enjoy every walk with them walking beautifully by your side?

  • have amazing communication with your puppy and be able to use commands such as stay, wait, emergency stop, drop, leave and settle to encourage good manners in the home?

Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong!! This course delivers everything it says it will so don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

Join us today to get started and learn it all!

 I'm a mum of two lovely girls and I spend my days walking, training & filming dogs. 

I never knew my passion in growing the bond and training our two family dogs and showing our girls how to be a fundamental part in it would lead me to where I am today.

I just love love love getting the most out of our puppies, being a part of their journey and raising them to be super family pets. I can't wait to help you do the same!!

Rachel Cook

Course Creator

Just imagine the awesome family dog you will have a year from now if you get
started today!!